May 8, 2017

Contoh Descriptive Text tentang Raja Ampat

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Contoh Text Descriptive tentang objek wisata memang tidak pernah ada habisnya, tentang Raja Ampat misalnya. Kali ini pun tidak pernah bosan untuk menyajikan berbagai macam text berbahasa inggris. Ditambah dengan kenyataan bahwa pengajaran bahasa Inggris di Indonesia tidak bisa lepas dengan metode text Based Learning, mencoba hadir dengan banyak solusi akan contoh berbagai macam jenis text.

Contoh Descriptive Text Tentang Raja Ampat
Descriptive Text -

Raja Ampat

In Bahasa Indonesia, Raja Ampat means "Four Kings", i.e. four kings who ruled four kingdoms in the region, namely Waigeo, Misool, Salawati, and Batanta. The name of Raja Ampat is taken from the folklore that exist in the region. In the folklore is said that in ancient times there was a husband and wife who accidentally found 6 dragon eggs on the banks of the Waikeo River. Because they are hungry, they intend to cook the six eggs. When about to be cooked, five of the six eggs hatch and out 5 human babies. Four men and one woman. They were later named War, Betani, Dohar, and Muhammad. While the women are named Pintolee. Everything is maintained by the husband and wife.
The beauty of Raja Ampat began worldwide in 1990. At that time, a divers of the Dutch duck named Max Ammer visited the region. His original purpose was to trace the existence of planes and ships used in World War II that were supposedly sunk in the inspection. It turned out that Max Ammer was fascinated by the diversity of biota in Raja Ampat. So in 1998 he invited Gerry Allen, an Australian fishery expert, to conduct a survey in this place. Raja Ampat regency in West Papua province is commonly called the "bird's head" has an area of ​​46,108 square kilometers, and nearly 80 percent of it is ocean. The length of the beach reaches 4,860 kilometers. However, the inhabitants are only about 60,000 in 35 islands of 610 islands. The population is spread over 98 villages and 17 districts. Its local population consists of 10 tribes that have a major livelihood as fishermen.
Since a 2-hour speed boat journey from Sorong to Waisai Harbor in Raja Ampat, the eyes have been spoiled with blue sea and crystal clear views. The view is even more amazing when entering Raja Ampat territory. Although the average air temperature of 45 degrees Celsius, that is not a reason not to go to this tourism object since it surrounded by this cluster of beautiful coral islands. Tourists coming to Raja Ampat is expected to prepare their finance is in best time as they have to spend about 20 million rupiah per person for this amazing experience. It is compensated for the beauty that is seen while swimming and diving in some areas, as well as visiting the beautiful islands. Travel from one island to another with a small boat fast at least 3 hours to arrive at Wayang Island. This island is one of the most favorite tourist destinations in Raja Ampat area.

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