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20 Soal Ulangan Harian Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8 Chapter 3

Contoh soal ulangan harian kali ini akan membahas seputar materi: Suggestions, Rules, Obligations & Prohibitions. Ketiganya merupakan materi pokok yang akan dipelajari pada Chapter 3 di kelas 8. Soal dibagi menjadi dua kelompok yaitu soal pilihan ganda dan soal berbentuk isian singkat. Selamat mencoba mengerjakan contoh soal Bahasa Inggris berikut ini dan jangan lupa tonton juga video pembahasan nya. -

Google Image - Ulangan Harian Bahasa Inggris Chapter 3 Kelas 8

Ulangan Harian 3 Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8

Materi Pokok: Suggestions, Rules, Obligations & Prohibitions

Part 1: Choose the correct answer! (Pilihlah jawaban yang tepat!)

1.Which of the following is a suggestion?
a.You have to listen to my suggestion
b.We should have enough sleep to stay healthy
c.We must arrive at school before seven o’clock
d.You always give me good suggestions

2.Which of the following is an obligation?
a.Every students must wear uniform at school
b.We are not allowed to bring foods into the library
c.Shania must be very happy when she hear the news
d.You shouldn’t  spend too much time alone

3.What is the best response to the statement “I’m so sleepy right now”?
a.Do you have enough sleep?
b.You should wash your face
c.You must be very tired
d.Do you want to go home now?

4.Which of the following statements is suitable to the sign?
a.We must not bring any weapons in this area
b.We will not find any guns and knives in this place
c.We shouldn’t see the sign at kid’s park
d.We must keep our guns and knives at home

5.Where can we possibly find the sign?

Sign: |Notice| Please be Quiet When Entering, Babies are Sleeping

a.At the school
b.At the bank
c.At the park
d.At the hospital

Google Image - Picture for question 6 to 8

6.What should every patient do before taking the syrup?
a.See the pamphlet
b.Keep it refrigerated
c.Shake it well
d.Keep away from light

7.What should we do to prepare the syrup at the beginning?
a.Store it in dark place
b.Add 80 ml of water to the bottle
c.Mix it with mixturezole
d.Distribute it to patients

8.The drug is suggested to be . . . after two weeks from preparation.
a.Kept in refrigerator
c.Hid from the light
d.Taken twice a day

9.When we say, “We mustn’t park our car here” it means . . .
a.We are free to do what we want
b.It is our choice to park here or not
c.This is not my parking area
d.It is wrong to put your car here

10.When we say, “We must not take any picture in this building” it means …
a.We can take video in this place
b.We cannot bring our camera into this place
c.Taking picture is prohibited in this place
d.No one in this building have electronic devices

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Part 2: Fill in the blanks with the correct answer! (Isilah bagian kosong dengan jawaban yang tepat!)

1.We . . . wear uniform at school every day.
2.You . . . have a rest when you are tired.
3.We . . . be late to school.
4.Male students . . . have long hair.
5.To keep our body in a good shape, we . . . do exercise regularly.
6.Female students . . . use makeup.
7.We . . . stay inside when it’s raining outside.
8.All students . . . keep the classroom clean and tidy.
9.You . . . study for your exam tomorrow.
10.You . . . go to the dentist when you have toothache.

Selesai sudah contoh soal kali ini, semoga bermanfaat bagi sobat pembaca semua. Saya yakin sobat sudah mencoba mengerjakannya kan? Nah, berarti sekarang adalah saatnya bagi sobat untuk memeriksa kebenaran jawaban sobat semua dengan menyimak pembahasan serta kunci jawaban dalam video yang sudah saya siapkan di YouTube. Kunjungi channel "Auto Salto".

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