May 11, 2017

Contoh Descriptive Text Lengkap Puncak Jayawijaya

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Alright, seperti biasanya kali ini menyajikan Text Descriptive tentang Puncak Jayawijaya. Weheheee, gimana? keren. Tidak banyak blog yang menyediakan berbagai macam Contoh Text Descriptive tentang Puncak Jayawijaya, namun edisi kali ini hadir dengan bukti bahwa kami punya. Tanpa banyak basa basi, berikut adalah Puncak Jayawijaya dalam Descriptive Text.

Contoh Descriptive Text Lengkap Puncak Jayawijaya

Jayawijaya Peak

Puncak Jayawijaya tourism is located in Papua Province, precisely in Sudirman mountains. The mountain is still part of the Laurentz National Park is one of the mountains of tourism is very difficult to take. In fact, at certain times, this tallest mountain in Southeast Asia can not be climbed either because of weather problems and other obstacles. Puncak Jayawijaya or commonly known as the Peak of Carstensz is the only mountain peak in Indonesia that has eternal snow. The peak is soaring over 5,000 meters above sea level. Jayawijaya mountain is claimed into the list of Seven Summits or seven mountains with the highest peak in the world. Puncak Jayawijaya was first conquered by a Dutch explorer named Hendrik Albert Lorentz in 1909. Lorentz managed to climb this snowy peak alongside with six people of Dayak Kenyah tribe recruited in North Kalimantan. After this successful climb, many climbers followed Lorentz's trail to conquer Puncak Jayawijaya.  Given a very steep climbing path and also dangerous, the majority of Jayawijaya peak climbers usually take advantage of travel agency services. By using the services of travel agents, climbing activities can run faster, safer, and also fun. Nevertheless, the cost required to climb the summit of Jayawijaya using the services of a travel agent is about 10,000 US Dollars or about 130 million rupiah per person. With this cost, every climber has got all the climbing facilities, including life insurance facilities.
As a matter of fact, Indonesia is a tropical country where the temperature is quite high for the snow is unable to exist. Yet, the climber would highly possible to witness snow in Puncak Jayawijaya. The cold snow is always blanketed Puncak Jayawijaya. For some people, they may find it strange, but this is the main attraction for Puncak Jayawijaya. This mountain is the only snow-covered mountain in Indonesia although not all peaks in the mountains of Jayawijaya is  snowy.
 This mountain is also included in the Alpine Glaciation type viewed from the type of glacier. While in a lower place of the highest peak, this kind of icepack can be categorized into Valley Glacier type. Valley Glacier is a melting glacier that goes down and flows to a lower place. Additionally, there is also a river of ice in this mountainous area. This phenomenon can not be found in any part of the world; unique and awesome. Puncak Jayawijaya is included in "Seven Summit" which means the top seven of highest peak mountain categories.
 The peak of Jayawijaya or better known to the world by the name of the Carstenz Pyramid has a temperature up to 0 degrees Celsius or can even goes minus on certain conditions. There, the oxygen is very difficult to obtain. A steep and dangerous terrain in this mountain is regarded as a very challenging trakking destination. Yet, it will all be paid off with the natural scenery served by the mountain. It is a pride for the trekkers to arrive at the Carstenz Pyramid. A unique and challenging natural heritage.

Okay. Itulah tadi contoh Descriptive Text yang menggambarkan tentang puncak Jayawijaya. Jangan lupa untuk kunjungi contoh text lainnya seperti Contoh Descriptive Text tentang Yogyakarta ya. Semoga bermanfaat.


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