May 28, 2017

Contoh Text Descriptive tentang Tana Toraja

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Good morning every bodeehh. Wordcliff update lagi dengan contoh descriptive text yang membahas tentang Tana Toraja. But, anyway, bagaimana puasa Anda kali ini? semoga tetap dalam keadaan baik Rezeki dan kesehatannya sampai. Well, setelah lebaran nanti sudah punya rencana jalan jalan? kalau belum kali ini akan mencoba mengulik dan memberikan satu contoh referensi destinasi tujuan liburan Anda, siapa tahu, setelah liburan nanti Sobat akan disibukkan dengan tugas text Descriptive, maka kami punya jawabannya. Yap, Tana Toraja. untuk lebih jelasnya, berikut contoh text nya. here we go.

Tana Toraja -
Tana Toraja
Tana Toraja is a district located in South Sulawesi. The capital of Tana Toraja district is Makale. The people live there are mostly dominated by the origin tribe of Toraja. Those inhabitants of Tana Toraja are predominantly Christian. However, there are still people who embrace Islam and the beliefs of Animism, or can be called Aluk To Dolo. Toraja word derived from the Bugis language is to riaja which means people who live in the land above them. Its name refers to the  uniqueness of the culture or society that inhabit this land. The Toraja people mostly live in valleys between high mountains and granite cliffs. This corresponds to the Toraja word derived from the coastal language "to" meaning people, and "riaja" which means the plateau. Toraja culture is generally a Proto-Malaysian Austronesian civilization that is still well preserved until today. Traditional clothing of Toraja people referred to as Pokko 'dress for women, while for men is called Seppa Tallung. The dominant colors for this custom clothing are red, white, and yellow. There is also Kandore, which is a Toraja clothing suits with beaded ornaments to decorate the chest, bracelet, headband, and belt. Tana Toraja has its own style of art such as music, dance, oral literary arts, language, and carving. The music of Toraja is blended with its dancing style due to their unseparable existence in this culture. The funeral is one of the shows featuring typical Toraja dances. This dance shows a sense of grief, as well as respect and encourage spirits of the dead. There is a ritual called Ma'badong in which a group of men will sing a song to honor the deceased in a funeral. There is also a Ma'randing dance that is displayed to glorify the courage of the deceased during his lifetime with properties such as swords, shields, horn helmets, and other war gear. The commonly used language in Tana Toraja is the Toraja language with Sa'dan Toraja dialect. In addition to that, there are also many traditional languages according to the geographical location of the community, such as Kalumpang, Mamasa, Tae ', Talondo', and Toala '. Tana Toraja is also known for its mystery that is not revealed until today. One of these mysteries is the ritual of "walking corpse" (Aluk Tadolo) in Toraja. This is a traditional ceremony where people will ask the dead bodies of the dead to walk alone to their graves. Family members in this ritual will clear the graves and replace the clothes with new clothes. The act of caring for this corpse is believed to make the ancestors keep protecting the family. The respect for those who have died is also shown in death ceremony lasting for days. The ceremony involves not only the family, but also the entire village community. Therefore, the burial cost for individuals from the Toraja tribe is enormously huge. The higher a person's title, the more expensive his funeral costs will be. One of the main parts of this funeral ritual is the slaughter of buffalo. The higher the degree of someone in the community, the more buffaloes to slaughter.

Alrite, begitulah tadi satu contoh Text Descriptive yang buat tentang Tana Toraja untuk sobat ada begitu banyak contoh text descriptive tentang berbagai macam tempat yang bisa sobat dapatkan di salah satunya adalah contoh text descriptive text tentang mobil dan artinya. jangan lupa untuk kunjungi untuk contoh contoh text berbahasa inggris lainnya.

Semoga bermanfaat.

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