May 1, 2017

Contoh Descriptive Text Tentang Alat Masak di Dapur: Kompor

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Anda doyan masak? Pernah Masak? atau jangan jangan belum pernah masuk ke dapur walau hanya sekedar lihat proses memasak? semoga jawabannya adalah TIDAK untuk tiga pertanyaan diatas.

Kali ini akan membahas descriptive text tentang kompor dan macam macamnya. Dalam dunia permasak-masakan, kompor mempunyai peran vital yang tidak dapat digantikan. Apapun bentuknya, alat yang digunakan untuk memanaskan sebuah makanan menggunakan api disebut kompor. Tak terkecuali dengan kompor listrik yang tentu saja saat aini sudah tidak emnggunakan api, namun menggunakan induksi panas listrik.

Tanpa banyak basa basi, berikut adalah contoh descriptive text tentang alat masak yang ada di dapur yaitu kompor.

Contoh Descriptive Text Tentang Alat Masak di Dapur: Kompor

Stove is a kind of cooking tool that produces high heat. It has an isolated tube from the outside as a place for the burning gas creating the fire. The stove has an isolated space or sometimes formed as a tube from the outside as the fuel is processed to provide heat to the items placed on it. The process of heating creates physical and biological changing as well as chemical. It can be done through direct contact to the fire or using certain things on top of it.
 In a large scale, stove is used in factories that need heating process in an extreme temperature such as noodle factories, bakery and etc. On the other side, stove in the small scale process of heating classified as household use. Cooking process require certain degree of heat depend on types of food or things we want to put into. It also need various types of tools as media of cooking such as pan, frying pan, kettle, and etc. on the other side a direct contact between the fire with the things on the top of it called roasting.
 In the past decade, the development of stoves was quite advanced. A long time ago in indonesia stoves are introduced from the colonial period. It used liquid fuels especially kerosene or burning spirits, gases in the form of liquid solids of Liquid Petroleum Gas or known as LPG or via pipelines, or heating elements such as electric power. Stoves are usually placed in the kitchen or laboratory.
descriptive text; traditional stove

There are various types of stove existed nowadays such as kerosene stove, traditional stove, gas stove, and electrical stove. The traditional stove is the most common used stove carried by villagers in a village mostly remote areas. It created by clay creating a big tube with three big holes in it. The first big hole is in the mouth of the tube while the rest are on the top side of the tube. The fuel of this traditional stove is mostly wood and anything that is easy on fire. People put the heap of axed log, or dried wood and anything In the mouth of the stove. To start a fire, they are using match or lighters to initiate the flame. Then, while the log is burned, the flame creating the fire is coming out from the hole on the top side of it so that the people could cook on it.
Descriptive text; Kerosene Stove
The kerosene stove requires a medium to drain fuel from its shelter to the kiln, generally in the form of axis or delivery pipe. Kerosene flows through the axis of the capillary power principle namely propagation through capillary fibers in the form of narrow gaps axis of fabric, yarn, or fibers. Fires that often arise on the kerosene stove largely due to lack of perfect design or incomplete filling of the axis in each hole. The fire may arise through air flows pipe between burners and fuel shelter. Therefore, when the temperature above the oil shelter gets higher, the stove may explode. To prevent the fire hazards, people among others reduce the enclosed space above the oil, increasing the distance between oil tanks and incinerators, and preventing any holes connecting oil tanks and incinerators.

Descriptive Text; Gas Stove

The gas stove uses liquefied natural gas packed in a tube or flowed through the city gas pipeline. The gas flowing to the stove or burner is carried out by pressurized air or with the aid of gas compression within the container or the tube. Both the heat produced by gas and kerosene stoves is the energy that is released during the oxidation of fuel with oxygen. In order for oxidation to be achieved, three conditions are required, the presence of fuel, oxygen, and the high temperature of heat above the standard. Raising the temperature to be a flame can be done through a spark or flame, for example from a match or fire triggerer existed in the gas stove existed nowadays. The function of lighters on modern gas stoves has become one with the gas flow opening system. When the gas button is turned, the spark is simultaneously splashing.
Descriptive Text: Electrical stove
On the other side the electric stove has a different way of burning and heat sources. The heat source comes from the energy in the electric current, while the heat generation is created when the flow of electric current is inhibited. The retained electrical current will accumulate and release energy in the form of heat on the inhibiting medium. The heated object must be near or attached to an electric current inhibitor such as tungsten wire.
 For the four kind of stove explained above, the setting the size of the heat produced by these stoves are different. In the traditional stove, simply the more log or wood put inside the mouth of the stove, the more flame coming out of it, and the more heat can be produced.  kerosene stove, the heat setting is done by adjusting the size of the burning axis. The larger the burning axis, the greater the amount of oil dispersed to burn and the greater the heat produced. In a gas stove, the heat setting is done by minimizing the flow of fuel. The greater the flow of fuel, the greater the heat that arises. Electrical stove heat setting is done by adjusting the size of electric current accumulated on the inhibiting medium. The bigger the electricity, the greater the electricity it accumulates, and the greater the heat generated.

Begitulah cliffers, contoh text descriptive tentang alat masak yang ada di dapur yaitu kompor. Jangan lupa untuk periksa postingan tentang  Contoh Descriptive Text Singkat Tentang Moscow Kremlin .


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