May 2, 2017

Contoh Report Text tentang Alat Dapur: Panci

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Welcome Back! Panci adalah sejenis manusia yang kurang bisa diidentifikasi kelelakiannya. Oh, BUKAN, itu adalah banci. #Krik

Let's serious this time.

Apakah anda mencari Contoh Text Report tentang Benda Benda yang ada di Dapur? jika iya, maka Anda beruntung karena kali ini menyajikan contoh text report tentang satu alat masak penting yang tidak bisa ditinggalkan keberadaannya. Apakah itu? PANCI. Ya, Panci merupakan alat masak serbaguna yang dapat digunakan untuk memasak apapun selama bahan makanan itu cocok dan sesuai dengan kapasitas alat masak satu ini. Dalam istilah Bahasa Indonesia, panci, wajan, kuali adalah tiga naman yang berbeda dalam hal penyebutan nama dan kegunaannya. Namun, dalam Bahasa Inggris, istilah "pan" ditujukan pada alat masak baik panci, kuali, ataupun wajan sekalipun.

#Jangan ganggu panci, jangan ganggu panci (lagunya Project Pop) #krik

Alright, here we go

Contoh Report Text tentang Alat Dapur: Panci

Pan is a cooking ware made of metal such as aluminum, steel, etc. in cylindrical form or shrinking in the bottom of it. Many forms of pan are available in this world nowadays. There are pan having single handle or two “ears” on both sides which is occasionally used for cooking water, vegetable soup, and many more. The size of it can be different due to its use and form. People in this world would recognize the thing fit inside of it by volume. 
Based on its form mentioned above, there are various kind of pan existed these days. There are frying pan, boiling pan, sauté pan, wok, griddle pan or grill, stock pot, sauce pan, presto pan. Frying Pan is kind of shallow concave metal with two ears, or a single handle on it. This pan is flat and its function is to fry foodstuff, groceries or viands with a certain amount of oil-usually just a little compare to wok. Frying pan is very appropriate to cook Saute Kailan Garlic, omelet or crepe, fried tempe, fried tofu, and perkedel. Its flat shape will make it easier to turn the food. These frying pans are usually available in various sizes in accordance to the portion of the cuisine menu to be made. - Frying Pan

The second kind of pan is wok. This cookware is used to fry food with lots of oil (deep frying). The sunken in shape accommodate a lot of oil so that the food is perfectly immersed when fried. This form of pan is convenient to cook a delicious crispy fried Chicken. In addition, this one cooker is also suitable for use when cooking various stir-fries and fried rice in a large scale. Generally, deep frying pan or wok is made of aluminum, stainless steel, or that use anti-sticky material. Wok is also available in various sizes as needed and has two types of handles on both sides as people known as “ear” and with just one long handle. - Wok

The third kind of pan usually used by people is grilled pan. This one form of pan is devoted to cook various recipes using grill method. Generally, these frying pans are also equipped with an anti-sticky coating suitable for serving food like steak or pepes (type of Indonesian food). What make it different from other anti-sticky pans is that the griddle pan is generally square and has a serration. Its Jagged surfaces are important to make a patterned meat or steak like grill on a barbecue. However, the griddle pan does not always have a jagged surface. There is also a flat surface and is suitable for serving food like sate, pepes, or grilled meatballs. - Grill Pan

Have you heard about Sauté pan?. Well, this is a kind of pan that probably you always found in your kitchen, but you do not know the exact name of this pan. This kind of pan is literally similar to frying pan yet it has a deeper form of concave. Its function is to stir-fry vegetables in a pretty large scale rather than using regular frying pan. Generally, people usually call it frying pan due to its little distinction it has. - Saute Pan

Stock Pan is the next kind of pan existed in this world. Its distinct form and use is literally far different from the pans explained above. Those who are familiar with fried chicken cooking surely know this kind of pan. based on its form this pan has two handles and a cover. Its function is to cook the food who has water in it  or to boil. But, stock pan can also be used to fry with a lot of oil. Usually, the ingredients that want to be fried perfectly is without the need to be turned back. Fried chicken or fries is very suitable to be cooked by using this pan rather than wok. - Stock Pan
The next one is Sauce Pan. Sauce Pan has a size that is not too wide (about 14-18 cm) and the shape is deep concave. With such a shape, this pan is suitable for cooking liquid food ingredients such as milk or sauce because it will make you easy to churn it without a worry of splashing in addition to the cap they have on top. - Sauce Pan

The last one is Presto pan. It serves to squeeze the cooked food in it. The working principle is to provide high vapor pressure on the cooked food in it so that the required cooking time is shorter than the use of a regular pot. Some studies say that the presto pan produces healthier foods because it can kill microorganisms that are harmful to the health of the body. Excess cooking with presto that is the nutritional content and sense of stay awake, more efficient because pressure cooker is able to cook food 70% faster and Safe. - Presto Pan

Those seven kind of pans explained above are the most common use of the cookware available in today life. The use, both advantages and disadvantages are heavily depend on the chef or the style of cooking people have. Still, the development of various types of pan is extremely advanced.  

Bagaimana? sudah tahu jenis dan macam macam panci yang ada berikut namanya?. Semoga menjadi tambahan wawasan bagi para chef wannabe in the future. The last one, jangan lupa untuk cek artikel terakhir tentang Contoh Descriptive Text tentang The Great Wall of China.

Semoga bermanfaat. 

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