May 29, 2017

Contoh Soal Reading Comprehension Singkat untuk SMP

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Kali ini akan menyajikan contoh soal reading bahsa inggris yang sangat penting bagi Anda siswa SMP kelas berapapun. Karena Soal Reading Comprehension ini adalah contoh soal yang mampu dipakai untuk siswa dengan tingkat pemahaman Bahasa Inggris yang menengah di kelas SMP di Indonesia. Ditambah lagi, silabus bahasa inggris SMP saat ini dipenuhi dengan macam macam text baik dari Kurikulum Tingkat Satuan Pendidikan, maupun Kurikulum 2013. Salah satu capaian yang harus diampu siswa adalah kemampuan Reading Comprehension-nya.

Reading Comprehension yang dibungkus dalam bentuk soal bisa dibagi dalam berbagai macam tehnik pembuatan soal. Kali ini akan menyajikan satu contoh soal Reading Comprehension yang cocok bagi siswa-siswi SMP kelas 7, 8, maupun 9, sesuai dengan tingkat kemampuannya.

Reading Comprehension -

Directions: Read the story, then check your comprehension by answering the questions.
There are lots of things to take into account when you are considering getting a pet dog or cat. First, your pet will need more than a home. It will need daily attention in the form of food, water, and love. But, that's just the beginning. You will need to provide a comfortable place to sleep, space and toys for play, and attend to its grooming needs. Your pet should see a vet for health check-ups and regular immunizations. You will need to monitor your pet for signs of sickness or injury and ensure that its environment is conducive to its safety.

Other responsibilities will vary depending on the kind of pet you get. Dogs, in general, have lots of energy and need opportunities to run around. Large dogs especially should not be confined to small areas. At the minimum, a dog needs to be walked frequently (and cleaned up after). A dog also needs human stimulation and interaction. You must be willing to commit to spending time with your dog. This means time playing, but also time teaching and training. Though still dependent on you for its basic needs, a cat requires less direct attention. If you provide and regularly clean a litter box, a cat can happily spend its whole life indoors. A cat also will take care of its own grooming needs. Cats spend a lot of time sleeping or nap-ping and probably the most attention they will want from you is to play occasionally or to sit on your lap and be petted. So how do you choose? Dogs are high-maintenance but can give a lot back in terms of emotion and interaction. Cats are lower maintenance, but also less responsive to you. If you want a loyal friend, a dog is the better choice. If you prefer an acquaintance, then perhaps a cat is for you. Have you ever seen this type of cats? Where? When? Do you know how much the price is?

  1. Is this passage written in first, second, or third person?
  2. What word in the story means to watch over time?
  3. Compare and contrast dogs and cats in terms of time commitment.
  4. If you previewed the passage, you made a prediction about the meaning of the word conducive. What did you think it meant?
  5. Of the six sentences in paragraph 2, which is an opinion?  a generalization? 
  6. What word in the story is a synonym for shots?
  7. What is the root word of responsive?
  8. Complete this sentence with its or it's your job to provide for needs.
  9. Is this passage science fiction, non-fiction, or realistic fiction?

Contoh soal Reading Comprehensin diatas sangat cocok bagi Anda para guru, siswa, atau mentor Bahasa Inggris yang ingin mengukur tingkat kemampuan Reading Comprehension siswa. Contoh soal reading comprehension diatas juga dinilai mampu memenuhi indikator pada Rencana Program Pembelajaran atau RPP dan silabus yang Anda buat. Semoga bermanfaat. JAngan lupa untuk cek satu contoh soal reading comprehension lainnya tentang Reading Comprehension dalam kategori Drawing Conclusions.


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